• Refinement of standards and conventions for the definition and realization of the IHRS, including unification of standards and conventions that are used by the geometric and gravity Services of the IAG.
  • Develop of GGOS products for the realization of the IHRS.
  • Recommendation for a global vertical reference frame; i.e. the IHRF.
  • Guidelines/procedures for height system unification.
  • Development of a registry (metadata) containing the existing local/regional height systems and their connections to the global one.
  • Strategies for the maintenance and use in practice of the IHRS.
  • Determination and modelling of the temporal changes of the IHRF.
  • Update the IHRS definition and realization as needed, based on future improvements in geodetic theory and observations.
  • Servicing the vertical datum needs of other geosciences such as, e.g., hydrography and oceanography.